A private and decentralized smart contracts blockchain.

BLUE focuses on scalability, public adoption and transactional privacy.

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Smart contracts, redefined.

BlueChain smart contracts will be private, secure, and consume as much gas as a regular transaction.


Q1 2022:
BlueCode & BlueWallet Launch

The second quarter of 2022 will be very important for us, it will witness the launch of BlueCode and BlueWallet in preparation for the BlueChain launch.

Q3 2022:
Mainnet Launch & Migration

The BlueChain will launch and users will be able to migrate from bep20 to the new blockchain.

Q4 2022:
BLUE Launch

BLUE will launch on the Bep20 network and the start of our journey towards true decentralization and privacy.

Q4 2022:
Community involvement

Q4 2022: We will take votes from the community on our telegram group as to what directions to take at this point. Just know that we will be working on this project long-term and we will be serving out community and doing our utmost to further the cause.